I normally do not promote clinics/outside instructors of any kind, HOWEVER, if you are looking for a clinic for the summer/fall/any time in between that will really IMPACT your staff and kids I highly suggest that you contact David Briggs (Tumbleyoda). We just finished up a 3 day clinic and I honestly feel that my program is now YEARS beyond where we were on Thursday night. He (and his assistants) were amazing. They were so encouraging to our kids and coaches and out of that clinic and I would love to give an exact new skill count for this weekend but honestly there were so many I have lost count. He also took the time to show and assist all of us in new ways to spot, coach, new drill stations for every skill, and he did it within a budget that was comfortable for our size program.  I really feel that if you are looking for a clinic that will impact your kids and program, this is for you.

Jessica Bugg - Smith, Owner

Kentucky Reign

Nicholosville, Kentucky

Giving a shout out to Flipkid Judge!!!! He came and done a tumbling clinic with my girls this weekend and it was money WELL SPENT!!!! He knew ahead if time that we were a very small program--didn't matter!!!! He was fantastic!!! My girls learned so much and so did the coaches!!! Thank you so much for working with my girls and coaches!!!! I highly recommend using him!!!

Ethi Orvin Wright, Owner

Encore Cheer Dance and Tumbling

Baxley, Georgia

If you are looking for an awesome tumbling clinic, then I most certainly suggest using Mr. Briggs. My gym learned so much from him in the 3 hours of instruction time. He worked well with the kids and the kids adored him. If you are looking for a quality tumbling clinic then Mr. Briggs is it!

Ms Crystal, Owner

Bull City Heat All Stars

Durham, North Carolina

David has been teaching my daughter for two years. He is a guru at understanding the teenage girl's mind. He has helped her through mental blocks and has helped to build her confidence. He has accomplished these great feats by teaching her outstanding technique. His ability to see her flawed technique and communicate to her the correct technique is amazing. He does all this without ever making her feel bad about herself. He is always positive and encouraging. I loved his teaching so much that I talked to our High School coach about bringing our squad to Pride. It has been a great year and we are already signed up for

" A Happy Parent"

Edwardsville, Illinois

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