To book for a clinic or camp the following arrangements must be secured after verbal tentative agreement of the date, time and scope of the camp have been made. No clinic or camp will be considered officially booked until confirmation of reservations of the following have been made and sent to clinician at tumbleyoda@gmail.com:

  • Transportation to and from location
  • Reasonable Hotel accommodations

Clinician also requests one (1) meal per day provided by host.

If these arrangements have not been satisfactorily made no later than 30 days prior to the event, your date may be given to another client.

Rates for clinic or camp are negotiable and can either be done on a flat rate (6-8 hours) per day basis or on an agreed upon split per student, whichever is mutually agreeable to both clinician and host. 

In estimating the best pricing for your event, due consideration should be taken for total gym enrollment, the amount of total hours clinician is expected to be on the floor for your event and for the amount of athletes that will potentially attend camp. Depending upon the client's projected numbers, extra staffers may be brought in based on these projections and is factored into the flat rate or the agreed upon split. Unless otherwise contractually agreed to, any additional staffers brought in by clinician will be paid by clinician and not charged to the host.

Clinician can and will make his own travel arrangements if you would like, however that may incur a higher cost to the host. We want to keep our clinics as affordable and within your gym's budget as possible. Whenever clinician makes his own travel arrangements, reimbursement of transportation costs must be made within 72 hours via paypal. Clinician will send travel itinerary and receipt for your records.

For more information please email us at tumbleyoda@gmail.com or call us at (919) 926 - 9937

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